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Most of us are probably interested in matters relating to creation , creating , or in how to create ... not only in the spiritual-religious sense, but also in the secular sense -- including, probably, the creation of "Personal Websites" such as this one.

In this page -- which is the first page of the Personal "fork" of my website ("Paul's Free & SPLORKY Website") -- I will put up just a little of what has been written about the topic of "personal websites", "personal webpages", "personal homepages", and the like ... Why just a little ? 'Cos like most topics that you can search on the Internet, one can quickly become overwhelmed with TOO MUCH information! ...

So ... anyway ... check these out:

'Nuff said! (for now)

Just browsing? Get in touch anyway and let me ( Paul Quek ) know what you think.


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