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"Mind Like Water"

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"The stresses associated with life in our hurry-up world can seriously undermine our focus, productivity, and balance", says Jim Ballard.

Continues Ballard, "In our efforts to master rapid-fire change and to be good providers, productive workers, and loving and supportive companions, it's easy to lose our ability to enjoy the act of living."

Thus, to achieve "calm and centeredness in the midst of a whirlwind of change", Jim Ballard recommends that we "stop trying so hard to exert control over a chaotic universe, to become less dependent on the powers of the intellect, and to learn to have faith in your ability to spontaneously make the correct decision in any given situaton -- in short, to have a mind like water -- which is the name of Ballard's book, published in the year 2002 by John WIley & Sons. The subtitle of the book is Keeping Your Balance in a Chaotic World.